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2023 Presentations

The following is just a sample of the presentations you can attend at KYCC 2023 (subject to change)

Breakout Sessions

AI Tools in Higher Education: Tips and Advice

Applying the Exemplary Course Program Rubric

From TikTok to the Online Classroom: Using Short-Form Videos to Enhance College-Level Lectures and Assignments

Humanize Your Online Course

Identity Management Out of Control

Is "Ungrading" a Good Fit for You?

Learning by Doing: How I brought Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into the Classroom

Picture Perfect: Using Visuals for Memory

The Reality of Virtual Reality

Using Technology for Assessment of Students with Disabilities

Lightning Talks

AI Chat: Like It, Hate It, Try It

Avoid or Assimilate: Detecting AI Content in the Classroom

Compliance on a Budget: Leveraging Power BI & SharePoint for Regular & Substantive Interaction (RSI) Compliance

Course Marking & More - Institutional Supports for OER

Let's Be Still (And Other Nice Things): Lessons From Ancient Greece for Today's Higher Education Professionals

Mindful Scrolling: Mindfulness, Rhetoric, and The Digital Realm

Straightforward Mapping: Using the Web-Based Mapping Platform Felt in the Classroom

Tutoring Students Simplified w/ Technologies

Birds of a Feather

Exploring the Potential and Practical Applications of Generative AI tools for Instructional Designers

Open Education: A Q&A Roundtable Discussion

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